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Armor Athletics is the leading gym in Tacoma for expert fitness programming and coaching. Every workout is designed to help you learn functional movement at your own pace. Our programs include CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, movement and mobility coaching, nutrition consulting, and more. We are a diverse community and welcome all ages and skill levels. Join us, so we can help you crush your goals and have fun along the way!


Reviews from you

I enjoy not having to decide what type of workout to do, I just have to show up. Working out with others in a class setting is motivating and helps keep me accountable. Since joining I have learned a lot about patience. Taking care of yourself is a lifelong journey. The commitment to being healthy is forever. You will learn how incredibly capable you really are! The confidence you gain from the support and encouragement of members and coaches carries over to other areas of your life.

Bobbi I.

I joined because of the level of professionalism and credentials of the owner and staff. I enjoy the level at which they explain the why & what for every movement. I've learned that at 47, I have the strength and vision to take on other challenges such as Olympic weightlifting. Go check out other facilities, then come to Armor Athletics to see the difference...

Patrick A.

I joined to get back in good physical condition to prevent injury in the coming years. I enjoy the challenging nature of the workouts, as well as the friendships that I’ve made. Armor helped me learn that I wasn't too far gone for a comeback.

Marc H.

I really enjoy the camaraderie, friendly competition, and great support between members. It's like a second family. I've learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was, and it is possible to continue to workout while rehabbing an injury with coaches who can help you heal and progress.

Mary A.

Move Better

We are dedicated to keeping you healthy, strong, and moving efficiently. We can work around previous injuries and help prevent future injuries.

Have Fun

We will help you find your ``why`` in your fitness journey. You should have passion in everything that you do. This is no different. You will wake up excited to move and look forward to training each day.

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Celebrate Success

We are on this journey with you, and not only do we want to help guide you on the path to success, we want to celebrate all of your victories with you, along the way.


We believe it is vital to provide expert resources to empower you to make well-informed fitness decisions.

July Members of the Month

Chosen by Coach Joe Tobin Martin Tobin is relatively new to Armor but has been a great addition to our community and weightlifting team. He jumped right into our Olympic Weightlifting programming and has worked really hard. Q&A What/who made […]

June Members of the Month

Chosen by Coach Joe Victor Molinero Victor has been a long-time member here and has been very deserving of member of the month for a while now. He always has a great attitude towards the WODs even though I’m sure he hates running. […]

10 Ways You Lead By Example

Who do you influence? Partners, friends, siblings, children, co-workers? We bet there’s someone that is inspired by you even if you don’t know it. They’ve heard you talk about the gym, they’ve seen your post about your workouts, they’ve noticed […]


Team of Expert Coaches

Our coaches are dedicated to helping you safely and effectively accomplish your goals in an engaging environment. All of our coaches have several years of experience participating in CrossFit and coaching others. Each coach has completed an extensive internship designed to take full advantage of the experience and knowledge of our in-house Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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Owner + Coach

Joe Stewart

Owner + Coach

Samantha Stewart


Jess Kimball

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Paul Cretella


Molly Yoshikawa


Anthony Valenzuela


Tom Bailey

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Zach Rynders, DPT


Schedule Your Free 'No Sweat' Intro

We believe that the best way to help you in your fitness journey is to really understand where you’re coming from, and what goals you’re working towards. We'd love to meet you in person, show you our facility, and discuss the best way to get you started based on your current fitness level and goals. Don't worry, you don't have to work out during this session! Intro consultations typically take 15-20 minutes. Click ``Book Your Intro Now`` to schedule a time that works for you, or feel free to contact us via phone or email.



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