In effort to foster the training and development of athletes in the sport of weightlifting, Washington Weightlifting (LWC) will be providing clinics and seminars on various topics pertinent to the sport. Subject-matter experts will lead these clinics so that they provide a unique and invaluable experience to the attendees. These clinics will be open to current USAW members only!

Weightlifting Injury Prevention Clinic at Armor Athletics – Presented by WA LWC

Saturday November 4th, 1-4pm

Instructor: Dr. Zach Rynders, PT, DPT. Director of Training and physical therapist at Armor Athletics

Course Description

As Olympic weightlifting continues to become more popular, with more athletes beginning competition both at younger and older ages, injury prevention is a vital part of any athletes training. Although the injury prevalence in Olympic weightlifting is not exceptionally high, the sport exposes the human body to significant force. Coaches and athletes need to understand both proper training and recovery methods in order to remain safe and healthy.

The course will describe some of the more common injuries involved in weightlifting and how to prevent them. We will be discussing in detail prevalence and incidence of injuries, associated risk factors, preventative techniques, and rehabilitation methods for athletes that have sustained injury. A basic overview of human anatomy related to weightlifting will be utilized to help participants better understand how to move and function.

Expect a mixture of lecture and “lab” with one-on-one coaching on your own movement patterns. Come prepared to move around, practicing prescribed exercises. We will not be doing heavy classic lifts however. Lastly, we will send you off with some homework in the form of corrective exercises to reduce risk for injury, increase performance, and maximize your potential.

Course Objectives

  • Identify common injuries sustain by Olympic weightlifters
  • Understand associated risk factors for injuries in the sport of weightlifting
  • Prevent and rehabilitate common injuries
  • Develop a basic understanding of human anatomy related to weightlifting
  • Develop strategies to improve mobility, strength, and neuromuscular control
  • Address musculoskeletal pain experienced while training
  • Fix improper mechanics
  • Develop individual and group programming for corrective/therapeutic exercises

About the Instructor

 Zach received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Puget Sound. He is an expert in human movement and has worked with clients of all skill levels and backgrounds, from post-operative deconditioned clients to professional athletes. Additionally, Dr. Rynders has published research on movement screening and injury risk assessment. He is a former Division I athlete and competitive Olympic weightlifter that “walks the walk”. Zach is the head coach of an active weightlifting club and participates in multiple weightlifting meets every year. His personal best competition numbers are 125/167/292 and he has qualified for multiple national-level meets while working as a physical therapist and head coach.


$50 (WA LWC will be covering the remaining registration fee for participants)

*This course is offered to active USAW members only

*Spots are limited! No refunds after registration

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5206 South Tacoma Way

Tacoma, WA 98409


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