Joe Tabisz

Joe is one of our long-time members and has been with us from the beginning! Not only is he a dedicated and hard-working athlete he is also the best fellow member and teammate to have. He has dedicated years of hard work on his technique in the many movements we train in and always willingly offers his knowledge and help to his fellow members during class. All the while being humble and encouraging everyone in class to give their best effort while still having a great morning. In addition, he is always more than happy to help his pregnant 6 a.m. coach with demo-ing movements! The 6 a.m. and Armor are lucky to have him as a teammate and fellow member.

If you had to pick one reason why you love coming to Armor, what would it be and why?

I would have to say the sense of community is what I enjoy most. There are so many folks that are incredibly encouraging and supportive. The coaches and members help me to stay accountable and motivated to be a little bit better. There’s kind of a bond that is formed through a little shared suffering.

What is one of the coolest or most memorable life experiences you’ve had, and why was it significant to you?

When my wife and I welcomed our daughter Autumn almost four years ago, I learned to appreciate my wife in a new way. I saw her strength as a mother and as a partner. Our little girl is so beautiful and vibrant! It is great to share with her all of the things that I enjoy and to see those things from a child’s unique perspective. 

What movement or type of workout do you enjoy most and why?

Just about any barbell movement. I also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the sled.

Do you have any pre or post-workout rituals? What are they?

Rituals? Pre workout I have two glasses of water and a cup of black coffee. I’m also guilty of running just a little bit late most mornings. Post-workout, I think it’s very important to write out my workout in my journal. It allows me to see over time where I have come from. Keeping track of past progress helps me to work towards future goals.

What is one of your ‘bucket list’ items? 

That’s a tough question. I would like to someday go on a mountain goat hunt. The incredible places they inhabit and the challenging nature of pursuing them appeals to me. And from the meals I have enjoyed they are delicious as well. The thought of climbing those unforgiving mountains is good motivation for staying healthy and fit.

Jill Robinson 

Jill is also one of our long-time OG members! She always shows up in the morning with a smile and energy we all wish we had. Jill is consistent and hard-working during class and her workout. She never complains even when there is running 😉 or when needing to adjust workouts to accommodate injury but instead finds the best option for her to get a great workout in! In addition to having a great attitude every morning for herself, she shares her attitude with her fellow members, encouraging them in class and after class with cool-down walks together as a class! We are very lucky to have known Jill for so long and to have her in class and at Armor! 

What is one of the coolest or most memorable life experiences you’ve had, and why was it significant to you?  

Paddling for 10 miles off the coast of Maui

What movement or type of workout do you enjoy most and why? 

Box jumps. It’s like defying death at 6 a.m. 

What makes you feel strong, and why? 

The drive home after the 6 a.m. class, a perfect way to start the day – well, except for the days running was included 😉 

What is one of your ‘bucket list’ items? 

Walking the Camino. 

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