Jason Ramos

Jason works nearby with some of our members (and one of our coaches), so they finally convinced him to come to Armor. We’re glad they did- he didn’t hesitate to hit the ground running and learn as much as he could. You can tell the hard work he puts in every workout- his movements are fluid and he’s consistently adding weight to the bar as he builds strength and stamina. Keep up the good work Jason, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Q:

Did you have any hesitations before starting CrossFit? What were they/ why?

Yes, I hesitated to start working out because CrossFit was something new to me and I wasn’t sure if it was something I was going to be interested in. Tony had been inviting me to the gym for about a year until one day I decided to try it. 

How would you describe your experience thus far at Armor? (You’re almost to your 1 year anniversary!!!)

It’s been a great experience. I like the environment that’s always going on during the workout. Every time I have a question Joe, Sam & Tony are always helpful and they make sure that I’m not lost. Gina, Tommy, and Molly are also helpful, but I don’t see them as much. 

If you had the time and freedom to do anything you wanted, what would it be and why?

One thing I’ve learned at Armor is that you can always learn new things and meet new people. I’d like to travel around the country. watch soccer games around the world.

What is your favorite movement (why), and what is your least favorite (why)?

My favorite movement is the Power Clean, it was the first movement I learned when I started CrossFit. My least favorite movement is the split jerk, just because my form isn’t the best, I don’t find it hard, but it would it feel better and easier if my form was better. I’m sure I’ll get there in a couple of months.

What is an accomplishment that you’re proud of? 

 I am proud of the amount of weight I can lift now compared to when I started, I personally can’t see a difference but I can tell each time I’m able to add more weight to any movement I do.

Paola Bustos

Paola just surpassed her first membership year at Armor! She is always so sweet, kind, and attentive to the coaches. When she started CrossFit she was very methodical with her movements but in the past year her speed, confidence, and strength have evolved through showing up consistently and continuing to push herself every day. And, she always has a smile on her face… even during a brutal workout. We’re happy you’re here, Paola! 

What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed after joining Armor Athletics?

The biggest impact I’ve noticed has been on my stress levels. Muscles have been a plus, but I really thank returning to consistent exercise for improvement on my stress. Covid and a minor foot injury made it so that I couldn’t work out as I wanted to. Now that I’ve been back to it, I experience fewer migraines and notice an immediate uplift in my mood. 

What’s your favorite type of workout?

My favorite workouts are legs all the way. I’ll gladly do deadlifts and squats any day.

What makes you feel strong, and why?

Seeing the growth in how much weight I can lift makes me feel strong. I lift a lot heavier than what I could lift when I first tried CrossFit a couple of years ago. It makes me believe I can accomplish any goal I set my mind to with time and effort.

What’s an accomplishment (Inside or outside the gym) you’re proud of?

An accomplishment I’m proud of is returning to college to complete a second master’s degree. Barely starting again, but glad I decided to go for it. As a first-generation student, I’m surprised I’m still aspiring to accomplish even more!

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could choose one superpower, I would say teleporting. I love the idea of skipping over long commutes and being able to access all parts of the world at any point!

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