Who do you influence? Partners, friends, siblings, children, co-workers? We bet there’s someone that is inspired by you even if you don’t know it. They’ve heard you talk about the gym, they’ve seen your post about your workouts, they’ve noticed the change in your physical and mental health- maybe they’re even suffering right alongside you during class. 

Even if they don’t share a similar fitness journey or goal, or they live a different type of lifestyle, you influence them as an Armor member. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize these things for ourselves, so we’d love to point out some reasons why you inspire others AND our Armor staff every day.

  1. You show up even when you don’t feel like it, knowing mood follows action and you won’t regret a workout with your gym buddies. You’re consistent. 
  2. When the workout is kicking your ass, you give what you can. Maybe it’s a little, maybe it’s a lot, but you do the work and finish. You’re disciplined. 
  3. You increase your barbell or dumbbell weight because you’ve been working consistently on your technique and movement. You’re continuously improving. 
  4. You decrease the weight… because you understand that sometimes, with some weight, during some movements, there are limitations. No ego here.
  5. You doubt your ability to do something new or complete all the work, but you try it anyway. You’re courageous. 
  6. You encourage your classmates before, during, and/ or after the workout. You’re kind. 
  7. If you didn’t do as well as you wanted to, you continue to work harder. You’re resilient. 
  8. You have to “scale” a movement because of skill, strength, mobility, injury, etc. You’re adaptive and patient. 
  9. You have a goal for a movement or workout and spend extra time and effort towards reaching that milestone. You’re dedicated. 
  10. You respect your coach’s instructions and recommendations. You’re trustworthy. 

The list could go on and on. Your involvement in the Armor Community reaches far beyond the walls of the gym, and we hope you see it that way too. Thank you for being a great influence!

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